Out like a dog?

1 07 2011

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for some time now, but I really needed to get clear on what my standpoint is. And now I know where I stand based on my own unscientifical research.

Topic: Homeless dogs, how should we doglovers adress this growing problem?

In many parts of the world puppies are sold through pet stores that often gets the puppies from so called ”puppy mills” ( Breeders that produce a lot of dogs for money basically )

Now in Sweden, which is the country I have to use as my reference since I live here, we don’t sell puppies in pet stores. We sell birds, fish, small rodents, but not cats and dogs. Cats and dogs are bought from a breeder, or at least from a person who happened to have a litter of kittens or puppies at home.

When someone gets tired of a dog in this country ( or allergic, or don’t have enough time, or split up etc etc ) that person puts out an ad telling people he or she want to sell his or her family dog. Or return the dog to its breeder. I should say this is how it works in 99% of the cases. Of course there is people who probably do otherwise but it rarely happens is my opinion. In a lot of cases dogs are re-homed, in some cases put to sleep and in a few cases they end up in a place where you can leave dogs where you’re on a vacation. ( until a new owner is found )

Unlike a lot of countries Sweden doesn’t have shelters. Simply because we don’t have stray dogs living in the streets. An HERE’s where the big difference shows I think. In countries where they DO have shelters they also have stray dogs living in the streets.

Now to me, that speaks a lot for itself. What would happen if Sweden suddenly started to kick dogs to the curb instead of making the effort of re-homing them? It would probably be the basis for shelters to suddenly pop up with the argument that ”someone has to save the stray dogs and rehome them”

Here is my question: What happens in countries where they try to save all left out dogs ( there sure seems to be a lot ) Well the streets is filled with homeless dogs, that believe it or not will breed, spread diseases ( quite bad diseases really ) and threat people ( dog gangs in parts of Balkan attacking people on the beach for ex, I’ve heard teenagers from Balkan countries being very fearful of dogs  ) Do we really want cute rabies infested muts roaming the streets? Of course we don’t, stupid question perhaps. But then again, how do we solve this problem?

Some people say that shelters is the best way to go, that people should adopt dogs from these places rather then buying from a pet store. A new friend of mine made that point, that if people in her country continued to buy puppies from stores then the breeders will never stop and the streets will fill up even more. Good point, but! And here’s a but…

On the other hand, as long as the shelters coninues to take in homeless dogs, the more stray dogs there will be because of the fact that people will continue to find it easy just to get tired of the dog and kick it to the curb. Because ”the shelter will re-home the dog” See my point of view here?

This is my humble question: How come we don’t put dogs to sleep that has become street dogs, potentially dangerous to their environment? Now I now some people are probably getting upset but please hear me out.

These dogs are in my world no longer pets.  These dogs have become wild animals, chasing people from their territories, breeding without control and spreading diseases. Do we really think we can change grown up dogs that’s been living the hard street life filled with fights, food chasing and rock throwing kids?

I have an example with a german shepherd male, taken from the streets in Dubai, followed a swedish couple back home. This dog was seven years old, and had lived in sweden for two. That dog had really scary behaviours that I personally have never seen, threatening in ways that make my hair curl.

Is the way to deal with street dogs to take them in? Or are we just solving the surface of the problem? Or do I dare go as far as to say shelters are contributing to the problem? What do you think?




2 responses

1 07 2011


Stop the import and ”rescue” of these ‘Spanish dogs’ or wherever they’re from.

I get so sick and tired och these naïve people, trying so ”save the world, one mutt at a time”!

1 07 2011

I don´t like the idea of dog shelters, because they depend on people who just kick out their unwanted pet. Shelters aren´t enough to solve problems with stray pets. The shelters create a opppertunity for people to just dump their animals when they get tired of them, and that attitude to having an animal do not benefit animals wellbeing.

In Sweden there´s more common that cats stray around, and don´t have a home after the summer on the country side. There are some cat shelters, but I´m skeptic to the desperate need of saving all living pets, espacially when it in some cases would be better to put them to sleep. We bringed them to life, and we are responsible for their wellbeing, and in some cases this means to end their misery.

I think that preventive work as not sell animals in stores, inform owners of their resposibility and buy pets from breeders who aren´t puppymills, and of course make humans have more respect and compassion for other species than themselves. We can´t consume other beings as we consumes shoes or cars..


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