Unaware dog training?

23 06 2011

Here’s an idea. To get a really reliable down-stay in the obedience training, you know like the ones you get when the dog is begging for food at the table?, bring a laptop to dog training and do something else ( surf ) while the dog is lying in a down-stay. That way you reward really inconsistent time-wise, and the endurance is getting stronger. I call it unaware-training. 😉 Thoughts?

I think a lot of our dog training is getting pretty bad because of the fact that we’re to aware that we’re training the dog. Sounds weird? Well, think about it. Where do you have the best indurance in behaviours in the every-day-life? Dog with a stick-or tennisballmania can probably tell you. Sometimes the ball or stick gets thrown, sometimes not, and sometimes it takes a couple of ”please” s until something happens ( putting the stick in front of your feet ) That is building strong strong behaviours, the inconsistency of the reinforcer and we’re doing it all without being ”in the game”. Because when we’re IN the game, maybe we have a tendency to reward consistent, teaching the dogs time-lines for how long a sit-stay, down-stay etc should last?

What if we could use tools to get there, to train the dog efficently ( right things ) without thinking too much about it. Since we’re all already doing it in our every-day-reality it should’nt be that hard to transfer it to the training field? Begging for A LONG TIME  in a sit-stay, a down-stay or with whining, barking, annoying the hell out of us, we already know why. We just have to put it where it belongs….





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